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Kojima and Sony Are Producing a New Horror IP

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Emre Kaya usually reports news related to DC and Batman, but appears to have the information that Sony has contacted Hideo Kojima for the production of a new IP for the Sony PlayStation 5, the game will be based on horror.

Emre Kaya shared the news on his Twitter account.

To add more hype to this news, Gaming Instincts reported a few weeks ago that Masahiro Ito was working as a core member for a new game. It was also reported that Hideo Kojima was working a ‘the new concept‘.

To give more context on how all this information could be related, Hideo Kojima was working with Konami for a horror title that was meant to be the next installment for the Silent Hill franchise. The legendary director was working closely with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus would be the star in the game.

Players around the world and specially the fans of Silent Hill where amazed about the work that was being done after the P.T.( Playable Teaser) went online in the PS Network. The project was cancelled, and Kojima eventually left Konami.

Kojima partnered with Sony and established his own studio called Kojima Productions, this studio is largely formed by former Konami developers who closely worked with Kojima on previous projects, but what’s more eye catching is that Kojima Productions is mainly founded with key members of the Team Silent.

Team Silent was a team of young developers who had  been working for Konami, before establishing the team, the developers had been working for other projects who ended up being cancelled.

Team Silent exceeded Konami’s expectations. They were known for develop the Silent Hill 1 to 3, the games who are adored by the fans due to it’s psychological horror and perfect gameplay for what is trying to deliver.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more gaming news.

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