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Kingdom Hearts Gets Release Date On Switch
Kingdom Hearts Gets Release Date On Switch

Kingdom Hearts Gets Release Date On Switch

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The full roster of Kingdom Hearts games has finally been given a release date for the Nintendo Switch. The collection of compilations from earlier titles, as well as the most recent Kingdom Hearts 3, were announced for the system late last year, alongside Sakurai blowing the minds of every Super Smash Bros Ultimate fan when it was announced that Sora would be joining the roster of fighters in the game which has topped fan request lists for years.

The compilations will be sold separately, with I.5 + II.5 being $39.99, II.8 at $49.99, and III + Re-Mind also being $49.99. They will also be offered as a collection for fans that want to simply have every game on the go, costing a total of $90.00. All games, as well as the complete collection, are being sold currently on the Nintendo shop at a discount leading up to their release.

The biggest drawback of Kingdom Hearts on the Nintendo Switch will be that all versions will be available through cloud streaming, limiting how you can play them. While it was stated on the part of Square Enix that this was the easiest way to port them, it should be noted that several ports of PlayStation 2 era Final Fantasy games, such as Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Final Fantasy XII were ported to the portable console as both cartridge and digital downloads.

Kingdom Hearts was born out of a fateful encounter on an elevator when Square Enix and Disneys’ Japan office shared a building, with Square Enix’s Hashimoto Shinji and a Disney executive stumbling upon the idea to mash up Final Fantasy and Disney characters into an RPG. Since then the franchise has become a massive draw for Square Enix.

Kingdom Hearts will release on the Nintendo Switch on February 10th, 2022. Sora, the lead character of the series, is already available as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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