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Super Smash
Super Smash

Sora Coming To Super Smash Bros.

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During the Nintendo Direct about a week ago, Nintendo announced that the Final ” Mr. Sakurai Presents” event would be happening soon for the final character to join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. It was one of two oddly placed announcements of announcement events placed in an otherwise great Direct, but it did its jobs as the rumor mill once again started going wild with possibilities.

After a short wait, the “Mr. Sakurai Presents” event has showcased that a long-rumored character will be joining the game, allowing it to go out with a bang. That character is the Kingdom Heart core series lead Sora.

During the event, Sakurai gave a rundown of what players can expect from Sora when he finally joins the cast on October 18th. This included an in-depth look at his move set which of course is mostly keyblade based combat.

Sora will also feature multiple costumes based on his appearances across multiple games. Similarly, a selection of music from the multiple games will be added. A stage based on Hollow Bastian from the original Kingdom Hearts will be added, as well as a few assist trophies such as Aqua.

This announcement also coincides with the Kingdom Hearts series finally arriving on the Nintendo Switch, Via the cloud in the near future. According to Nintendo, these games will be available soon with more information on the games coming soon.

While the full series has not appeared on a Nintendo Platform before, the Nintendo Switch recently saw the release of the rhythm game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories. This is a stark departure from the first Smash Bros. character Joker from Persona 5, as many thought his addition hinted at said game coming to the Switch, for Nintendo Switch to then only receive the spin-off Persona 5 Strikers.

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