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nintendo switch
nintendo switch

New Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced

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The week leading up to E3 of this year was filled to the brim with people saying they knew exactly when a Nintendo Switch Pro was coming. And like most of the rumors, the system ended up not making an appearance. Finally, we now have an official trailer from Nintendo to confirm a new, slightly higher price switch. Fans who have been following the saga should note that while some rumors were true the biggest, that it was 4k in docked mode,  does not appear to be true.

The console will feature a larger handheld screen, with the screen reaching nearly to the edges of the handheld. This screen is a 7.2 inch OLED which is where the console draws its name On top of that and aims to deliver consistently 720p. The console has an improved kickstand that reaches from one edge on the console back to the other.

Another addition to the base of the console is the ability to connect to a plan line instead of having to only use wifi. The console itself will also be improved with 64 gigabytes of storage and improved audio. The good news is, the console will work with all existing joy-cons so it will not force you to purchase more.

The console will have two versions released at launch, the standard red/blue one that the original console had, and a reversed white on black scheme which will also come with a white base. This version of the system is only marginally more expensive than the last version, selling for $349.99. It will be available on October 8th.

The sales for the Nintendo switch have not slowed down at all, and during quarantining for Covid-19 that demand rose even higher. The is an argument that the Switch never really needed an improved version because of this, but if you want a cutting-edge portable this is the way to go.

Gamers should expect demand to far exceeding supply. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa told investors they were expecting shortages. He also stated that the shortage of semiconductors will play a part in not being able to meet a high volume of demand.

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