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Grand Theft Auto VI
Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto VI Set In Vice City – Rumor

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According to new reports from ComicBook, an alleged insider is claiming that Grand Theft Auto VI will take place in Vice City, the leak also affirms that GTA Online will also see a huge change as we patiently wait for the new game, Liberty City will be the location for the online multiplayer service.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

According to Dexerto a reliable GTA leaker by the name of “markothemexicam,”  has shared a lengthy leak where he claims that the upcoming GTA Online Update will allow players to control “the elite prostitution business” and that the “Mile High Club building will finally be open.”

markothemexicam claims to have heard the information from a Rockstar Games developer who is his roommate, the new update will launch in December and will take place in Liberty City, GTA IV’s voice actor for Niko Bellic is said to have a lead role in the update.

There is still not much information on Grand Theft Auto VI, but the leaker affirms that Vice City is the selected city for the new game. He also affirms something suggested in a previous rumor, a unique weather system developed by Rockstar Games, this system will affect NPCs and give a new realism in the game.

Back in April 2020, Jason Schreier confirmed the development of Grand Theft Auto VI through information leaked from Rockstar Games’ insiders. According to what Schreier was told,  Rockstar opted for a different approach in the next installment of GTA, the game will release on a much smaller scale compared to GTA V, the game would later be expanded through DLC.

In January 2020, Darion Lowenstein, an experienced developer who worked at Activision, Scopely, Electronic Arts and Rockstar, expects that Rockstar Games will announce Grand Theft Auto VI sometime this year. Rockstar Games is actually producing a new game, this was suggested by the company’s appeal to the Video Games Tax Relief with HMRC.

Source: ComicBook

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