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Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Massive Leak

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More information about Final Fantasy VII Remake has been revealed by dataminers, just last week an image for a demo version of the upcoming game appeared online, soon after the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo leaked, and today PC code was found deep in the files of the game, as well as new screenshots that will amaze even the most hardcore Final Fantasy VII fan. Be warned as there are spoilers below.

As it was expected the game’s code suggests a PC release, from the mentioning of NVIDIA and AMD to the support of higher resolutions and higher frame rates. This doesn’t mean that Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch for PC, as it was announced as a PS4 timed-exclusive.

What’s more interesting about today’s leaks is the several screenshots that appeared on Twitter, it reveals a major plot twist expected earlier in the game. Fans will meet Sephiroth earlier than anticipated, as well as the integration of the FFVII prequel Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII launched for the PSP back in 2007; the game focuses on Zack Fair, a young member of the paramilitary organization SOLDIER, who is assigned to look for the missing SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos. Zack works with Sephiroth and Genesis, who ultimately becomes the game’s primary antagonist.

In the leaked images of the game, a new boss like character that didn’t appear in the original FFVII can be seen:


Weapons and abilities have also leaked for the main characters in the game. Below is a list of weapons:


  • BusterSword
  • IronBlade
  • HardBreaker
  • MythrilSaber
  • TwoPair
  • NailBat


  • GatlingGun
  • AssaultGun
  • AtomicScissors
  • LargeMouth
  • HeartBeat
  • CannonBall


  • LeatherGlove
  • MetalKnuckle
  • FeatherGrab
  • MythrilClaw
  • GrandGrab
  • SonicFist


  • GuardRod
  • SilverRod
  • StrikeRod
  • MythrilRod
  • FullmetalRod

Some of the skills that will be available in the game are:

  • Aero01
  • Awake01
  • Barrier01
  • Bio01
  • Blizzard01
  • Cakra01
  • Cure01
  • Destruct01
  • EneSkill01
  • Fire01
  • Heal01
  • Libra01
  • Pray01
  • Raise01
  • Reflect01
  • Seal01
  • Steal01
  • Thunder01
  • Time01

Six minutes of gameplay footage was also leaked:


Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for the latest info on Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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