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Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Compensates hacked players with 8,250 Atoms

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Last month a group of hackers created a cheat software that allowed them to steal Fallout 76 players’ gears. According to Kotaku’s reports Fallout’s 76 subreddit was filled with warnings to players about the hack. Bethesda found a fix and shut down the game last week, maintenance disabled the hack and hasn’t spoiled the experience to players anymore.

“We would like to apologize to those of you who were impacted by this exploit,” a Bethesda spokesperson said on Reddit. “We want to make this right, and we are currently looking into ways we may be able to compensate you.”

And compensate they did, as those aggravated are reporting that Bethesda contacted them, restored their accounts with a bonus of 8,250 atoms. If a player would like to get that many atoms, it would cost more than $70.

“A clone of your character (with a modified name) will be restored on January 22, 2020,” Bethesda said in the email. “Once restored, this character will have the entire inventory of items, gear and scrap (100% of your stuff) that it possessed on December 20, 2019.”

Fallout 76 started strong, selling over a million copies in the first couple of days, but ever since, the game went downhill. From the announcement a paid VIP service called Fallout 1st that fortunately for Bethesda was cancelled. To hacks and bugs everywhere.

Bethesda failed to meet the promises they make when the game was announced, because of it, Bethesda were forced by the The Australian Consumer Law to reimburse players who bought the game. Bethesda launched the game with promises that no NPC or micro-transactions would be present in-game. Shortly the in-game store started selling items that were not only cosmetic, but it would greatly power up a player.

Bethesda has been known to fix some bugs and create others more annoying, what’s even worst is the story that Bethesda suspended users accounts that found a secret “developer room” full of unreleased items and the first NPC in game. It’s worth to mention, that the room was open to everyone to see, no hacking was required, just the exploit of a bug. Bethesda forced users to cooperate with the fix of the bug or else their account would remain suspended.

The latest news from the game will surely not motivate anyone to buy the game, Vault 94 was removed from Fallout 76. Vault 94 was originally envisioned by Bethesda as a showcase of Vault Raids. Also they’ve delayed the upcoming Wastelanders expansion.

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