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Fallout 76 Patch Fixed Some Bugs and Brings Back Older Ones Too

Fallout 76 Patch Fixed Some Bugs and Brings Back Older Ones Too

While Bethesda warned players that Fallout 76 would had some bugs at launch some players feels like the game has right amount of them to call the game broken, and while developers are working to fix all of those bugs and glitches fans feels otherwise. Yesterday’s patch actually fixed some of the bugs that annoyed players but according to angry Reddit players some of the already fixed bugs from the previous version is now in the game.

Namely, one of the biggest sources of headaches for Fallout 76 players is the heavy bobby pin glitch. Said pins now weigh 0.1 lbs in the inventory, cementing many players to the ground. There are other old bugs returning, such as slow fusion core spawn rate, as well as item duping. It’s all being cataloged by angry players at the Fallout subreddit. However, looking through the comments, it’s not all clear that these two problems still persist. Some are claiming that they are back, others are saying they aren’t. But it seems that the bobby pin glitch is something most of them agree on, as one user returned to their stash box at 605/600.

The most popular post at the subreddit gained enough traction to attract some attention from Bethesda. According to a community manager who posted in the thread, Bethesda is aware of the problems and is working on the issue. Most likely we’ll see a hotpatch coming in within the day to clear out the old bugs once again. Hopefully, this time it stays that way.

Yesterday Bethesda announced that patch 5 was available featuring a number of balance and design changes along with another large wave of bug fixes.

As the game evolves, so do our patch notes. With Patch 4 a few weeks ago, we added “Dev Notes” under some of our larger changes. We’ve done this to provide you with more context behind things like balance and design changes. We will also tackle additional questions as they come in and we’ll update this article as needed. Additionally, we’ve been working on a known issues post that we plan to keep updated as we fix existing bugs, acknowledge and address any new issues that arise, and roll out changes to the game based on you feedback.

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