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Bethesda Suspends Accounts Of Those Who Entered Dev Room in Fallout 76

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Bethesda Suspends Accounts Of Those Who Entered Dev Room in Fallout 76

Players had found a secret “developer room” full of unreleased items, this along with the players glitching the game to make copies of items to say Fallout 76 is broken is a complete understatement.

This room contains every item in the game, included the most powerful games, along with some unreleased items which are supposed to come in future updates.

In an E-Mail sent to players who could enter the room Bethesda notifies that the account is “corrupted” and therefore all characters and the account is being “temporarily” suspended, for Bethesda their mistakes are corruption induced by players, so Bethesda is kind of blackmailing players to cooperate with them demanding players to explain with details how did they enter the developer room. In a final ultimatum Bethesda says if the player doesn’t cooperate their account will remain suspended and unavailable. Nice move Bethesda.

Read the E-Mail from Bethesda Costumer Support:

If Bethesda doesn’t ban your account check the developer room in this video down below:

Reports of this room’s existence began to surface on Reddit about four days ago, but some of my sources have told me it has been known about on Discord servers for several weeks. A video showing the room was posted on YouTube – although the original by “Mr. X” has since been removed.

Do you think it’s in Bethesda’s rights to suspend an account for players finding a glitch? Glitches and bugs are a big part of the experience of a game. Nintendo conserved some bugs and glitches when re-releasing The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time as they thought it was part of the charm of the original game.  I can understand that this kinds of glitches may ruin the experience in MMO games, but who is the one to blame at the end of the day?

I can say that Bethesda is most likely acting in their own rights, as we agree on a contract before being able to enter the game, but surely Bethesda ended exposed about how vulnerable and incompetent they’re when it comes to bugs and glitches, and they’re adding salt to injury by saying they are “temporarily” suspending accounts as they will not remove the ban if the players doesn’t cooperate. But hey that’s just a guy opinion let your voice be heard in the comment section below.

Read the full article at EuroGamer.

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