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Doom Ports Receive Patch to Bypass Bethesda Log-In Requirement

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While Bethesda surprised fans everywhere with the released ports of the original Doom trilogy late last month, one mandatory feature seemed to inhibit a bit of rage amongst the fans. Upon booting up the classic games, Bethesda incorporated a one-time mandatory requirement of logging in to their Bethesda account in order to the play the games – either online of offline.

Since then, Bethesda listened and absorbed the rage from fans and promised an update that would negate the unnecessary requirement. It seems that day has come as Bethesda has announced that those wishing to hop into either Doom, Doom II or Doom III can now do so without logging into their account.

The issue was more than just the one-time log in requirement as many players pointed out an issue where if they were disconnected at any time during gameplay that a message would pop up mid-game to inform the player. This has reportedly been fixed with the newly released update, allowing players the joy of classic Doom play without the hassle of online connectivity.

While having the three original Doom titles available on modern systems – PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS and PC – was certainly a delightful surprise, another leak appeared pointing towards a Doom 64 release. The leak only hinted at a release on the PS4 and PC, but should the leak actually be accurate, we would suspect that other consoles would be included as well.

For now, fans will have to stick with the original trilogy as they anticipate the upcoming Doom Eternal releasing later this year.

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