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Bethesda Issuing Update For Classic Doom Releases Making BethesdaNet Login Optional

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Bethesda laid a surprise release this weekend with the launch of the first three classic Doom titles on modern consoles. The launched trilogy allowed fans to dive into the original Doom, Doom II and Doom III releases as separate purchases and experience the classic FPS action along with a few local co-op/PvP features as well.

However, it wasn’t long before fans began reporting that the games required a one-time login to an existing BethesdaNet account in order to play the game. While this normally wouldn’t be an issue for the traditional console, the Switch versions of the game could potentially be more troubles with the login.

With the Switch’s trademark hybrid design, many players without internet may utilize the consoles handheld mode to link up to WiFi in order to download the game, but then unknowingly would need additional internet access to login to a BethesdaNet account. This could create somewhat of a tedious process in order to play the games they rightfully purchased.

Luckily, Bethesda has issued a statement regarding the BethesdaNet login requirement claiming the login was meant to be an optional feature allowing users who are members of the Slayers Club additional rewards.

With an update incoming form Bethesda it should make trying out these classic shooters much easier to navigate around. There’s no word on when these updates will arrive but we should expect to hit the games relatively soon. You can find all three classic Doom titles digitally on the PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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