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Doom 64 PEGI Rating for PS4 and PC Spotted

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With the recent surprising news of Bethesda releasing the original Doom trilogy on consoles, a new but of information has popped up that could mean more hellish gunplay is on the brink of being re-released. As spotted by Gematsu, a PEGI rating of Doom 64 on the PS4 and PC has emerged leaving many fans curious.

The latest leak comes right after Bethesda stealthily launched the original Doom, Doom II and Doom III all on the PS4, Switch and Xbox One. The first two Doom titles also hit mobile devices.

It’s a bit interesting to see a once Nintendo exclusive title – especially one that holds onto a title which brandishes the classic Nintendo console name (64) – supposedly arriving on other platforms. And it should be stated that while the PEGI leak only shows PS4 and PC, the original Doom trilogy that just re-released was also only rated for those two platforms. So in all likelihood, we’ll also be seeing Doom 64 get the re-release treatment in the form of modern consoles launches.

With such an iconic franchise seeing a brand new release in Doom Eternal later this year, it’s a clever tactic from Bethesda/id Software to try and reel in players with tantalizing them with nostalgia.

Doom Eternal is set to release on November 22, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia and PC. There’s been no official confirmation if we’ll be seeing Doom 64 added to the classic re-release list, but stay tuned for any details that may surface.

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Source: Gematsu

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