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Original Doom Trilogy Just Released on Modern Consoles

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Bethesda just made the weekend exciting for fans of vintage first-person shooter titles as they re-released the first three Doom titles on the PS4, Xbox One and Switch. The re-releases came out of absolute nowhere but is sure to capitalize on fans feeling a wave of nostalgia when taking the bloody journey through Hell.

Check out the fiery trailer for the re-release of the Doom trilogy below:

The surprise release no doubt was planned as a casual marketing campaign for the upcoming id Software title, Doom Eternal. With the latest Doom title landing itself on all of the above platforms, it seems like clever move to get fans excited for the next iteration of the long-running FPS series.

The original Doom includes its explosive local co-op and PvP and 9 new levels from the Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed expansion of the game. The Doom II release also includes the local co-op and PvP modes along with The Master Levels expansion – which is a series of 20 different levels created by the Doom community. Doom III is the same reshaping of the original Doom and includes the two expansion sets, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions.

Bethesda also announced that the first two Doom titles are also available on mobile devices both in the App Store and Google Play. Doom Eternal is set to release on November 22, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia and PC.

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