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Doom Eternal VR
Doom Eternal VR

Doom Eternal VR Leaked By Australian Rating Board

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According to the Australian game rating board, iD Software and Bethesda has registered a gem called Doom Eternal VR.

The new listing was found by PCGamesN, ‘Project 2021A’ is filed by Bethesda and id Software and it’s classified as a ‘virtual reality’ game. The game is developed by iD Software.

Analyzing the criteria is expected that Project 2021A is Doom Eternal VR, the game has high levels of violence, high strong themes, mild language, and no drug use, nudity, or sex. Something that matches with the description of Doom Eternal.

More details on the listing revealed that the project is scheduled to launch in late 2021, the game will also feature “online interactivity”.

Bethesda may have decided to follow the same strategy taken with the reboot of Doom who also got a VR port in 2017. It’s also speculated that Quake could be the mysterious Project 2021A due to its PVP elements.

Here is an overview of the game:

Doom Eternal has been called one of the best first-person shooters ever, the game features a fast-paced, push-forward, first-person combat in which players step into the armor of the Slayer, an unstoppable and unyielding force with a singular mission – Raze Hell and save humanity. Battle demons in an epic single-player campaign that takes you to Earth, to Mars, through Hell, and across dimensions never seen before.

Interestingly, Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer cause a bit of controversy in 2019 when he affirmed that “nobody is asking for VR”. He affirms that the technology is not practical for the average consumer.

Doom Eternal is now available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass. The game is also available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and next-gen consoles via backward compatibility.

Source: PCGamesNclassification.gov.au

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