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crash bandicoot 4 it's about time
crash bandicoot 4 it's about time

Crash Bandicoot 4 Announced For October

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After teasing the game for the past few weeks, Sony and Activision have officially announced Crash Bandicoot 4 for the PlayStation 4. The game is titled Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. The game is set for an October 2 release on the PlayStation 4.

Activision had been teasing the game by sending out promotional material to influencers and media outlets for the past few weeks from “your favourite bandicoot”.

“On October 2, this saga continues where Crash Bandicoot: Warped left off: Neo Cortex and Dr. N. Tropy are now free from their penitentiary, and it’s up to Crash, Coco, and friends to go across time and space to stop these three from not only taking over the world, but the entire multiverse.”

The game will be developed by Toys for Bob, the developers behind Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. The game will also once again be published by Activision.

Along with keeping that nostalgic feel, Toys for Bob is also tailoring the game for past, present, and new Crash fans alike through a reimagined and updated art style, new gameplay mechanics, and the ability to switch between Modern and Retro modes (one mode tailored to those seeking that old school platforming vibe, while the other is a little more forgiving, but no less difficult to master).

The latest Crash Bandicoot game to be released was Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy, which is a remaster of the first three Crash Bandicoot games. This title will be a brand new addition to the Crash Bandicoot franchise.

The game will see the return of Crash and Coco, as well as the addition of new characters like the Quantum Masks.

“Remember the mysterious mask above Coco during that kart racing scene? That was Kupuna-Wa (the Time Mask), who slows down time to allow for even more precise movements. The other mask featured in the launch trailer – Ika Ika (the Gravity Mask) – will let Crash and Coco platform upside down despite the regular laws of physics! Developer Toys for Bob are set to sprinkle these (and two additional floating face friends) along the course of dozens of levels. This results in a variety of new powers and abilities for Crash, allowing for a wider variety of challenges and difficulties as the game progresses.”

The game is now available for preorder on the PlayStation store.

Source: PlayStation

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