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Warzone Bug
Warzone Bug

Call of Duty: Warzone Annoys Players With Black Screen Bug

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Infinity Ward though their battle royale Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone was ready for action a couple of days ago, the game was thought to be stable enough to handle a large map with 150 players fighting each others in a desperate fight for survival. But a massive amount of players are reporting the same bug, a black screen bug that follows the player everywher, and the bug is so bad that is killing the entire experience as it makes playing the game unplayable.

Apparently, killing someone in Warzone creates a huge black cloud haunting you. from CODWarzone

What seems like a somewhat a penalty, the bug surrounds the screen of the players with a black cloud, and makes aiming for enemies or looking at distant objects impossible, ironically for a battle royale game, the bug only appears after a player got a kill. It is worth mentioning that Warzone like other games of the same kind has plenty of bugs and problems at launch, Anthem is the perfect example. For the moment this is the only bug being reported, servers are holding quite effectively the large amount of players who are playing the game at the moment.

Putting the negative bug aside, Warzone takes the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare experience in a new setting, 150 players takes the role of a veteran Tier 1 Operator,  all of them will drop in to the dense and sprawling world of Verdansk.  There are two main game modes, Battle Royale and Plunder.

Plunder is a race to collect to loot cash, players will need to kill other players in order to steal their cash, and complete in-match contracts. The Battle Royale mode it’s essentially the same as other battle royale games, the task is to be the last squad standing while escaping the deadly gas in the swiftly closing circle with up to 150 players.

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Jip Vandelaar
Jip Vandelaar
1 year ago

It isnt because you get kills it is just random. I get it even in the menu’s when doing nothing. I have videos of it