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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Footage Leaked

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Footage of the new Call of Duty game for 2020 has been leaked via Reddit, rumored to be named Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War the leaked video showcases a first look at the next installment of the franchise.

Finding the raw gameplay of the pre-alpha build is next to impossible to find as Activision and Treyarch has taken down the videos due to copyright infringement, what insiders confirm about the leak can be read below:

  • The map was called “Tanks”

  • It could very well just be a placeholder

  • Graphics don’t represent what the final project will look like since it is pre-alpha footage

  • Its using a version of the BO3/BO4 engine (Honestly not to sure how accurate this is. The movement looks a lot more like the MW2019 engine vs BO4)

  • No dead silence currently

  • No sliding currently

  • A few other insiders confirmed that they saw 45 minutes of game-play

What can be seen in the video showcases the overall gameplay of the game, from the guns and the how players can interact with the environment, all the footage suggest what’s being rumored, the game seems to take place in the Black Ops series.

In late May, reports of an allegedly Call of Duty 2020, a Twitter user who goes by the name Okami, uploaded a picture of Black Ops art with the Cold War below the title. Based on the leak, the game will be titled Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Supposedly, the game will span over the years of both the Vietnam and Korean war.

Activision has already set up multiple teases to the game across their battle royale, Warzone. Players have been able to glitch through locked bunkers within the map to discover Cold War era spy planes among other hints at a Black Ops reboot.

Source: GameRadar

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