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Amara from Borderlands 3
Amara from Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 – Best Amara Build

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We’re back again with another Borderlands 3 build, and today we’ll be looking at the character Amara. She is the playable Siren in this game, like both Lilith and Maya in previous games. Amara uses her Siren powers to ground slam, shoot a projection at enemies, and have a fist shoot up from the ground and lock enemies in place. You can choose to play Amara in a few different ways, but we’ll show you what we think is the most OP build for her.

OP DPS Build

This build will focus on using Phasecast to boost Amara’s already hefty damage. We will not be focusing on survivability, but more of dealing high DPS to take down those tougher enemies and bosses. The goal of this build is to be able to use Phasecast often, increase damage, increase elemental damage and chance, and then a few minor things such as increased movement speed and reload speed.

Mystical Assault Tree

Skill tree for Amara


Mystical Assault will be the main tree that we invest in and we are after the capstone perk in this tree. The skills you will want to invest into are Fast Hand(s), Violent Tapestry, Restless, Transcend, Ascendant, From Rest, Laid Bare, Wrath, and Avatar. In Fast Hands, we are after the reload speed bonus it offers. This just makes it easier to keep shooting, and is a decent ability to advance in the tree. Violent Tapestry helps with gaining rush stacks which is useful once we invest more points. Restless lets us use our action skill more frequently by reducing the cool down by 25%. Transcend gives us increased critical damage after activating our Phasecast. Ascendant helps boost our modifiers for Phasecast and we’ll get to those in a bit. From Rest increases our fire rate. Laid Bare will increase our damage against enemies we damage with Phasecast. Wrath is a very good ability and it will increase our gun damage. Also, it increased our gun damage even more after we use Phasecast. Avatar lets us use Phasecast again while it is on cool down. After you use Phasecast, you can activate it immediately after. The modifiers you want for Phasecast are Stillness of Mind and Tandava. These modifiers make it easier to get a wider area of enemies phaselocked  and keep them phaselocked longer.


Fist of the Elements and Brawl Trees


The remaining points will go into the other two skills trees. In Fist of the Elements, we will invest into two skills. The skills are Anima and Tempest. Anima increases status effect duration and damage. So if you are using a fire weapon and light an enemy on fire, it will do more damage per second and last longer too. Tempest increases elemental damage and further increases shock damage. In the Brawl tree, we will invest into Personal Space, Clarity, Samsara, Helping Hand(s), and Mindfulness. Personal Space increases gun damage the closer Amara is to her target. Clarity gives us health regeneration and is just a skill to progress the tree. Samsara is the main ability we are after in this tree. It gives us increased damage and health regeneration for every enemy we hit with Phasecast. Since Phasecast explodes on impact with our modifier, it should be able to hit a few more targets if they’re close enough. Helping Hands helps us survive a bit longer by giving us damage reduction after using Phasecast. Mindfulness is a stacking ability and every stack gives us an increase to movement speed and shield recharge delay. This ability is just a nice addition to help keep us alive longer, and it’s always nice to have faster movement speed.


Amara from Borderlands 3

Why This is an OP Build


First off, the more you can use Phasecast, the better. It will keep enemies suspended in air, deal damage, give Amara a ton of buffs, and can be beneficial against bosses and crowd control. Amara will deal the most damage when she is close to her target, activates her Phasecast and hits multiple targets, and is using an elemental gun. This build focuses a lot on using Phasecast to activate Amara’s damage bonuses and other buffs. Even if you don’t use Phasecast as much, it will still dish out high DPS, but you won’t be taking full advantage of the build. In terms of gear,  adding any gear to reduce the cool down on Phasecast is a bonus, but not a necessity. Since a majority of the legendaries can drop with elemental damage, pick whatever you feel is the best for your play style. I would recommend always using an elemental weapon to take full advantage of Amara’s abilities. That wraps up our build on Amara, but check out our builds for Moze and Flak. Stayed tuned for our build for the last character, Zane.

Borderlands 3 was released on September 13th, 2019 and is playable on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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