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FL4K from Borderlands 2
FL4K from Borderlands 2

Borderlands 3 – Best Builds for Fl4k

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Borderlands 3: Best Builds for Fl4k

Borderlands 3 offers some top notch playable characters this time around, and today we are going to be looking into the character Fl4k. Fl4k is a robot character that will be fighting alongside the other three playable vault hunters. He is the Beastmaster and has the option to call forth three different animal companions to help him fight. Many fans say that Fl4k is their favorite character to play as, so let’s see if he delivers with some unique and powerful skills. With that being said, let’s get into the OP DPS build for Fl4k.

OP DPS Build

You will have 48 points to invest into Fl4k’s skill tree by the time you hit the max level. This build will be focused on Fl4k dealing as much damage as possible while using his ‘Fade Away’ skill. Stats that we will focus on are increased gun damage, critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and skill duration. Many of the abilities will grant Fl4k the ability to stay in ‘Fade Away’ longer and deal more damage while it’s active. Fl4k will have the highest DPS when he activates his skill and has a few stacks from his other skills. The best abilities for a DPS build are listed below.

Image result for borderlands 3 flak gamma burst

Stalker Tree

This will be the main tree that we invest in. Make sure to equip the skill Fade Away with the augments Guerillas in the Mist and Unblinking Eye. You’ll be able to get off more shots this way and increase critical damage every 3 shots. This skill and its augments are essential for making this build OP. The abilities we want to invest in are Furious Attack, Overclocked, Eager to Impress, Turn Tail and Run, Hidden Machine, The Fast and the Furryous, and The Power Inside. Furious Attack increases gun damage whenever Fl4k shoots an enemy and is a stacking ability. Overclocked increases your fire rate, and even more so if it’s after reloading. We’ll invest a few points into Eager to Impress to move the tree along, but it’s still pretty decent. Whenever Flak or the pet kill an enemy, Flak’s cooldown for his skill is reduced. Turn Tail and Run gives Flak a lot of bonuses. If Flak is moving, you regenerate health and gain damage reduction. While still, Flak gains gun damage and fire rate. The more important aspect of the ability is the bonus we get while standing still. Hidden Machine lets Flak deal more damage if the target is not attacking Flak, which will always be the case when using Fade Away. The Fast and the Furryous gives Flak increased movement speed and gun damage if above half health. The Power Inside grants Flak and his pet a damage boost when Flak activates a skill, and the bonus is doubled if Flak is at full health.

Hunter and Master Skill Trees

The next two trees we will only invest partially into them. The majority of the left over points will be spent in the Hunter tree and a few in the Master tree. In the Hunter tree, the abilities we want are Leave no Trace, Interplanetary Stalker, Head Count, Two F4ng, and Big Game. Leave no Trace gives a chance for a bullet to be returned to your magazine if you score a critical hit. Interplanetary Stalker awards stacks of buffs after a kill. Depending on what type of enemy you kill, the bonus will be different. However, no matter what you kill, you always get a plus 2% increase to damage for every kill. Two Fang gives Flak the chance to shoot a second projectile whenever he is firing. Big Game increases Flak’s hunter skills duration and effects, so something like Interplanetary Stalker will benefit from this skill. In the Master skill tree, the remaining points should be spent in Persistence Hunter. This ability increases gun damage and action skill duration, which is an essential bonus to stay in Fade Away longer.

Image result for borderlands 3 flak spiderant

Why it’s so OP

The build centers around Fade Away. While using it, enemies won’t attack you and you get to shred them since you do so much extra damage. The idea is to be in Fade Away to deal out the most damage, but even without using it 100% of the time, you will be dealing crazy damage. I recommend using guns with fast fire rates such as the Lyuda or The Butcher. Since Fade Away doesn’t have the longest duration, you want to get as many shots off as possible while using it. The perfect scenario where you will deal the most damage is while standing still, at full health, Fade Away activated, shooting a gun with a quick fire rate and larger magazine, and landing critical hits. Flak should be able to keep up his rate of fire for a while with perks like Leave no Trace and Two Fang. Since Two Fang shoots two projectiles, it’s basically increasing your fire rate and Leave no Trace lets you keep shooting for longer. Coupled with the damage bonuses from abilities like Furious Attack and The Fast and the Furryous, you will be dealing some pretty high DPS. That wraps the best OP build for Flak and trust me it’s worth testing out. Flak is one of our favorite characters if you use this build and we hope you have as much fun with it as we’ve had.

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Borderlands 3 was released on September 13th, 2019 and will be playable on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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