Bluepoint Games Next Project Might be Bloodborne Related – Rumor

Bloodborne rumors have become a dime a dozen this year with news that a remaster might be in the works, it might be finally releasing on PC, and even a spiritual successor is in the works. So what is one more rumor, that the newly acquired Bluepoint Games which is now part of PlayStation Studios, is working on a Bloodborne project in some capacity. As always, take this with a huge helping of salt as I will shortly explain why.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

According to a tweet from Colin Moriarty suggested that he was hearing whispers that Bluepoint was working on something set in Yharnam, which is where the original Bloodborne is set. Outside of that information, he was light on any major details of the project.

This could mean many things for their project as the company has become very well known for their remakes, with their last being the original souls game Demon’s Souls. Since the company has experience remaking games of that nature, it might be a logical candidate for that treatment.

Of course, since Bluepoint has had a long working relationship with Sony even before being purchased, their project could still be the long-rumored remaster. Remastering titles was how the company first entered the public stage, though their skillful work recently on full Remakes might exclude that possibility.

Right now we know for a fact that Bluepoint is actually venturing into the realm of original games. Bluepoint President Marco Thrush stating in an interview that “Our next project, we’re working on original content right now. We can’t talk about what that is, but that’s the next step in the evolution for us.”

The studio currently has 70 employees meaning it might be hard to juggle two projects in their current size. This can easily change as most first-party Sony studios tend to have around 200 employees with multiple projects in development. Another rumor has suggested they will also be developing a remake of a “beloved classic” which Bloodborne can certainly fit the bill for depending on how you define the term classic, as a PlayStation 4 title might not yet fit that mold.

Bluepoint has only been part of PlayStation Studios for about a week currently so whatever their next project is might be some time away from being announced. Most likely any announcements made will be the highlight of some upcoming State of Play in the future.

Source – Reddit

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