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From Software
From Software

New From Software Collab With PlayStation – Rumor

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According to a new rumor making the circulation of a new From Software Collaboration with PlayStation could be in the works in the future. While this would result in a PlayStation exclusive From Soft game similar to Bloodborne it is not suggested to be Bloodborne 2, or as I now need that game to be called, Borne 2 Blood.

This would synch up with rumors that circulated earlier last month, implying also that a new spiritual successor to Bloodborne was in the works. This game is known under the codename Velvet Viel. Most likely these projects are one and the same. With From Softwares latest game, Elden Ring set to launch in January 2022 the timing does feel right to hear about what the studio does have planned next as they often reveal their next project shortly after the release of their current one.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

The original leak of Velvet Viel came from Ruancarlo Silva, who has a solid track record when it comes to information about From Software. In the case of the latest leak, it comes courtesy of Dealer Gaming, who revealed the now confirmed Iki expansion for Ghost of Tsushima. On top of that Shpeshal Nick tweeted about it stating he had planned to reveal this information next week.

All of this information comes about 8 days before a rumored State of Play is set to be held. Though it is unclear if this State of Play is happening (the last State of Play jumped dates a lot before being revealed) it will most likely not feature this new game.

Nothing else has been offered for this current leak but Rauncarlo did offer a few tidbits back when he first leaked Velvet Veil. The game is not Bloodborne but it does aim to play similar to, and invoke the feel of bloodborne. It is targeting a March 2023 release date and that they have no plans to unveil Velvet Veil till after Elden Ring is Released.

Source – Reddit

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