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Bloodborne Not Coming To PC – Rumor

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Bloodborne has been getting rumors of PC releases for years. These rumors have only intensified as rumors of a remaster have joined the mix, with suggestions that when the remaster arrives for the PlayStation 5 it will be joined by a PC port of said version. Well, not only have the rumors of a remaster been an up and down rollercoaster ride, it is not looking good for the PC port.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

In a tweet on July 14th, Lance Mcdonald pointed to multiple PC ports of PlayStation games being worked on, but none of them being a port of Bloodborne For those that do know who Lance is, he is a well known modder and dataminer for both Bloodborne and FromSoftware as a whole.

Lance does not state the names of these other PlayStation games but makes it pretty clear he has not heard that Bloodborne is on that list. Perhaps due to not naming other games, or just because the internet is the internet, he has been accused of lying and keeping a Bloodborne port Secret. It vigorously denied that in an additional tweet.

The thing is, Lance McDonald is a pretty reliable source on this subject. To this point, he has consistently offered up-to-date knowledge of what is going on with and in FromSoftware. He also points out that insider info is not what people follow him for so it does not benefit him to lie.

There is a positive takeaway here for PC gamers though. PlayStation has consistently stated over the recent year that they are more committed to Porting their games to the platform, even buying the technical studio Nixxes, assumably to that end. We know that Uncharted 4 will be arriving on PC soon, followed by more from the sounds of it. Which games are getting ported remain to be seen.

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Super Nonsense
Super Nonsense
4 months ago

I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t port it when they ported all the Dark Souls games to massive success. It’s just leaving money on the table and if they think PC users are going to rush out and hunt for a PS just to play a couple exclusives, they should already know that’s not going to happen because it never has. I’ve got a backlog the size of a phone book and there are tons of new exciting games coming. If they want to leave that money on the table, oh well.