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Dragon Ball FighterZ Is Adds Fused Zamasu

Dragon Ball FighterZ Is Adds Fused Zamasu Fused Zamasu will be the next character to join Dragon Ball FighterZ as playable via downloadable content, the latest issue of V-Jump reveals. A fusion of Supreme Kai apprentice Zamasu and Goku Black, Fused Zamasu is the strongest god with the greatest strength and an immortal body, according to the magazine. Some of Fused Zamasu’s special moves enable him to fly. After activating a special move, Fused Zamasu will shift to a flying state, which supports eight directions of movement on the joystick or d-pad. His “Holy Wrath” special move fires a huge energy...

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PlatinumGames wants The Wonderful 101 on Switch

PlatinumGames wants The Wonderful 101 on Switch Platinum Games wants to bring its Nintendo-published Wii U title The Wonderful 101 to Switch, the studio’s Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya said during a Reboot Develop 2018 talk in Croatia today. During their talk, Kamiya asked the audience how many people there had played The Wonderful 101. “We’re going to knock the audience participation up a bit,” said Kamiya’s translator. “They’re still trying to negotiate with Nintendo whether a possible Wonderful 101 Switch release could happen but it always helps when the people in the audience at Reboot clap if they’d actually buy a Switch version of Wonderful...

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Housemarque Announces Multiplayer Stormdivers

Housemarque Announces Multiplayer Stormdivers Housemarque has announced Stormdivers, “a high flying and heavy hitting multiplayer-centric experience” that runs on a combination of the studio’s in-house VFX Engine and Unreal Engine 4, and uses Amazon’s Game Tech server infrastructure. Speaking at Reboot Develop 2018, Housemarque said the game will leverage the company’s core strengths, including “second to second gameplay” and “visual effects and explosions.” Check out the Trailer: As a part of our recent transition away from our core genres, we’ve had a hard look at what really makes up an arcade game and how can we bring those elements to...

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May 2018 Games with Gold Revealed

May 2018 Games with Gold Revealed Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Games with Gold that will be available for Xbox Live Gold members in May. It’s a pretty good month with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Super Mega Baseball 2 hitting the service.When it comes to 360 games, you’ll be able to grab Vanquish as well as the Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage. Vanquish in particular is a great game that a lot of people would have missed. As always, both of these 360 games will be playable on Xbox One using Xbox BC. Xbox...

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Darwin Project Goes Free to Play

Darwin Project Goes Free to Play Scavengers Studio has announced that Darwin Project is now a free to play game in Steam Early Access. The game arrived on Steam Early Access in March and on XBox One Game Preview for $15. Since then, developers discovered that certain regions could not build a large enough player base to fill servers. As a result, the team decided to open up the game to “as many players as possible” according to the note posted on Steam. Players who purchased the game will find several items in inventory by way of thanks for...

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