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Rumor – Mii Fighter Costume DLC Is Returning To Smash Bros. Ultimate

Rumor – Mii Fighter Costume DLC Is Returning To Smash Bros. Ultimate

As we all know by now, the next year will be downloadable content for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. There will be five Challenger Packs, each one with a brand new fighter, stage and music! Also if you buy the Fighters Pass, you’ll also receive an exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rex Mii Fighter costume.

Now it has been discovered on Nintendo’s official support webpage that will be more Mii Fighters Costumes available in 2019 each one for 0.75$. This rumor could be linked with the Rex Costume DLC and this could be the return of the Mii costumes in a grand scale, of course if the rumors are true it will be sold separately from the Challenger Packs.

My personal favorite was the Monster Hunter Costume for the Mii Sword Fighter.

As always take this info with a grain of salt.

What do you think of this possible new DLC? Do you like the Mii Fighters?

These 75-cent purchases will include a single costume for the game’s Mii Fighters, which are customizable characters that players can design from head to toe. There are already plenty of costumes available to purchase and collect throughout the game, ranging from unique headgear to outfits based on existing characters. But just as Super Smash Bros. for Wii Ubefore it, Ultimate’s catalogue clearly has room to expand.

The DLC will be available sometime next year; dates remain unspecified, as do the amount and types of costumes. For comparison, the previous Smash game had six waves of new Mii Fighter outfits, for a total of 42 pieces.

Full Article At – Polygon

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