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Apex Legends – 5 Reasons Why Solos Will be Amazing

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Apex Legends – 5 Reasons Why Solos Will be Amazing

The Battle Royale game Apex Legends will be dropping a new solo mode next week, and it will be a much needed addition to the game. Players have been asking for solos since the launch of the game. Currently, Apex Legends only offers the option to play as a three person team. The game developers at Respawn have listened to the community, and have added a limited time solo’s mode.

Below, I go over 5 reasons the new solo mode will be amazing for fans of Apex.

No More Randoms

One of the biggest issues with Apex is match making with random players. You can always invite friends to play instead, but that isn’t always an option. The problem with randoms is that Apex is team orientated. BR’s are very strategic games, and if your group is not working together, it can make it difficult to win a match. By adding solos, it solves the problem of a dysfunctional team preventing you from winning. In solos, it’s all on you if you lose.

Third Partying

Apex is no stranger to overwhelming the player with countless third partying. It is frustrating for players to have won a fight, only to be taken out by less skilled players simply because you were recovering from the previous fight. Solo’s has the potential to change all that. Third partying may be less common in solos, and it may be easier to recover from a fight. Taking out one enemy is much quicker than taking out three. What that means is other players will have a smaller window to third party you while you’re health is low. With this in mind, it may discourage players from rushing in to third party if they know they may not get the drop while the enemy is recovering.


While playing in squads, there is an option to grab your teammate’s banner, and revive them at a respawn beacon. However, this will not be possible in solos. The lack of a second chance may change how people play. Players may be less aggressive knowing that their team can’t help to revive them if they go down. Removing respawns will also make solo’s a more hardcore mode, which is perfect for gamers that want more of a challenge.

Character Choice

A characteristic that makes Apex stand out from the crowd of Battle Royale games is character choice. Each character has different abilities, passives, and ultimates that change the tide while in a fight. Some characters in squads play off each other, and assist the team in different ways. In solo’s, abilities that help the team may not be as beneficial. For instance, Wraith’s character helps teammates with rotation by using her portal, but in solo’s it won’t be as practical. Sure her portal can get you out of a tough situation, but it won’t have the same effect as playing in squads. Another example is the character Lifeline. One of her abilities is to deploy a shield while reviving a downed teammate. Since you won’t have teammates, this ability is completely useless. Both Wraith and Lifeline are still good characters to play, but it’s important to note you can’t use every character to their fullest potential in solos. Thus making character choice that much more important and strategic.

Ping System and Loot

Another characteristic that was unique to Apex at launch was the ping system. It allows you and teammates to call out where items are, where to go, and where enemies are. The ping system will be useless while playing solo’s because you don’t have to communicate with anyone. This also means you won’t have three different people looking out for loot and enemy players. However, this means you do not have to share loot with your teammates. You no longer have to sacrifice meds or ammo, or let a teammate grab a Mastiff instead of taking it for yourself. You can have all the loot you want in solos.

Apex Legends is free to play now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The limited time solo mode will begin on August 13th and end August 27th.

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