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Caustic killing a scientist in Apex Legends
Caustic killing a scientist in Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Why Is Everyone Crazy About The Recently Launched Battle Royale?

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NOTE This is a Sponsored Guest Article (Not the Opinion/Content of Gaming Instincts)

For quite a long time, all sources would call Fortnite the most popular game of the genre. The main
reason of its success was the fact that it has introduced a new way of playing in a battle royale – building
for surviving. This game allowed players to create towers and covers in order to get an advantage over
their enemies. For a while, it was a real innovation. But the game has changed with the appearance of
Apex Legends. Why do some many people are crazy about it? What makes this BR better than the rest? The answer is
hidden in the pros and unique features of this game and, in this article, we are going to point out to the
most significant ones.

What Makes This Game Special?

To get started, let’s answer the main question – what do we love about battle royales? We bet that in
most cases the answer will be the competition. This takes us straight to the first and most significant
advantage of Apex Legends – it offers fast and thrilling gameplay! The level of competition in this game
is far beyond what many other battle royales can offer. Here, you won’t make your way to the victory by
hiding and avoiding the fight because the chances of getting into a fight are much higher than, for
example, in Fortnite.

One more pro is a set of characters. The game offers a decent range of Legends. Each comes with an
engaging personal story and three unique abilities as a bonus. The rest of BR games tend to offer
characters that are different only by the way they look, while Apex Legends gives you a choice between
different skills sets. One more benefit in terms of choice is an extensive range of Apex Legends weapons.
The game mechanics are also appealing. This is not a simple shooter as it requires much more strategic

The map is also among the pros of this game. It is bright and contains many different zones. However, it
is much smaller compared with the maps in other BR games, which contributes to more dynamic and
fast gameplay. Finally, there are two more things worth mentioning – a unique format of deploying that keeps the
whole team together and a simple communication ping system.

Final Words

Just like any other game, Apex Legends still has lots of space for improvement, and we are sure that its
developers will take care of it. Still, despite a few minor drawbacks, this game is gaining momentum
thanks to the unique gameplay and experience it delivers.

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