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Animal Crossing Direct Planned For Next Week

For those concerned with the lack of content that has come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the past year, it looks like Nintendo is planning to rectify that in time for the Holiday season. One of two announcements of an announcement that was… well, announced… During their previous Nintendo Direct, the Animal Crossing Direct is scheduled for Friday, October 15 at 7 am Pacific Time, 10 am Eastern Time.

Today the Official Animal Crossing Twitter account posted the date, promising 20 minutes of content during the event. They also stated that they will be focusing on updates set to release during the month of November.

The big thing expected to be announced during this event will be the return of the fan-favorite character Brewster, as well as a coffee shop addition to the museum. October 15th, in Animal Crossing canon, is the birthday of Brewster so using that date to announce him feels like a no-brainer.

The teaser trailer for the event, which was showcased during the prior Nintendo Direct, gave a brief look at something new being added to the museum. Outside of that, it gave very little away, simply showing the usual gameplay loop from the game. While 20 minutes isn’t a lot of time, there might be additional surprises to look forward to besides simply Brewster and his Cafe.

Brewster was first introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World, which was released for the Nintendo DS in 2005. He has since become a popular character in the community, making subsequent appearances in most games since his introduction. While in Animal Crossing: New Leaf his coffee shop, which is known as The Roost, had its own building it is more commonly found attached to Blathers museum.

Whatever fans might have to look forward to in the game, we will have to wait until October 15 to find out.

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