Nintendo Direct Announced For Tomorrow

Nintendo has revealed that they will be holding a Nintendo Direct event tomorrow on September 23 at 3 PM pacific time. This information was revealed via a Twitter post from the company earlier today, hyping  “roughly 40 minutes of information focused mainly on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter.”

Nintendo has offered very little in the way of what we might be able to expect from the event on then they will mostly be Switch games. The most likely game to appear during the showing is Metroid Dread, arguably the biggest title that we know is coming next month.

A few other known games that might make appearances are the two upcoming titles Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon: Shining Pearl, two remakes of older Pokemon games that are releasing in November. Also releasing that month will be Shin Megami Tensei V. A very good JRPG series in its own right, in the west, it often goes overshadowed by its more popular spinoff Persona.

While usually Nintendo does specific events for Indie games, such as the Indie World event held a month ago, it is possible we will get an indie game or two here. For instance, the cat meme farming game Mineko’s Night Market, which is still slated for this year but has yet to receive a date. With that game delayed multiple years already, it might be due to finally get showcased by Nintendo.

It is important to also note that the Tweet states “Mostly” in regards to Nintendo Switch games. This means we might get a game or two that are not strictly on the console. My guess is that if one game that fits that mold will appear it is the upcoming Pokemon TCG Live, their new online game coming to PC, Mac, and Mobile later this year.

Either way, we do not have long to find out what Nintendo has in store for us, as the event is as Annie might say “only a day away.”

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