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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo Direct set for November 2

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo Direct set for November 2

A new upcoming Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct has been announced in today’s Nintendo Direct focusing on Nintendo 3DS.

Details are scarce right now so far, but we expect the Mini-Direct to give us all of the information we’ve been waiting to hear about the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Leaf fall update adding amiibo features and more.

A date of November 2nd has been set so far for the presentation in Japan, but no date has been confirmed for other regions yet. It’s possible it will land on the same day everywhere, or the English version could instead be delayed until a later date.


“This autumn’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf update comes four years after the game first launched. It will, among other things, add amiibo functionality to the game, with a new set of physical cards available to summon villagers to your town. The fresh wave of 50 cards launches 11th November.

As yet, we don’t know what Animal Crossing amiibo figures will do. Some figures from other Nintendo series will also be compatible in some way.

From 25th November, all new copies of the game will come with the update pre-installed and a brand new title: Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo!”

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