Amazon Patents A Way to Stop Toxic Players

Amazon Technologies has filed a new patent for a technology that could potentially eliminate harassment and foul language from Amazon’s new cloud gaming service Amazon Luna.

Amazon explains that Matchmaking will be essential to the implementation of the new strategies, the detailed description affirms:

Traditional matchmaking for electronic games operates naively, focusing on relatively few characteristics of players in order to group players into a session. For example, traditional matchmaking may focus on grouping players based on skill level.

While players may enjoy competing with others of a similar skill level, such a system naively assumes that skills is the primary or only factor to players’ enjoyment. Contrary to this assumption, player’s ejoyment may depend heavily based on the behaviors of other users with which they are paired, such as proclivity of other players to use profanity or engage in other undesirable behavirous.

Basically, what Amazon has designed is a new way to identify players who use foul language or “toxic” as described in the patent, and matchmake them with other toxic players. Games like Gran Turismo Sports use the Sportsmanship Rank as a way to distinguish the player who drives clean from others who ruin the experience.

Is important to mention that Amazon Technologies’ patent is not new, it was filed in 2017, and it’s has been spotted by Protocol, but apparently it was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office last month.

The patent also mentions that toxicity in multiplayer games it’s not only about foul language, as different conducts may also be considered as toxic, examples are quitting from an activity, or using exploits and cheating. It will be up to the player to decide and adjust the preferences of the matchmaking to avoid unwanted behavior.

The implementation of new technologies to avoid toxic behavior is key to next-gen developers, the future seems to be in cloud gaming and cross-platform games, it is indispensable to Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Xbox to create a healthy environment for all players.

Source: Protocol

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