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Alan Wake 2
Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 in Development – Rumor

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According to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, Remedy Entertainment is working on Alan Wake 2. The renowned insider affirms that Epic Games is funding the project.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

“I’ve heard that Remedy is going to be making Alan Wake 2 with Epic,” journalist Jeff Grubb says on a recent live stream, “and it should be the follow-up that fans of that series want. There was a bidding war [over Alan Wake], but Epic had the best publishing deal. So Alan Wake 2 seems like it’s coming. I don’t know exactly when they’ll announce it, but this is what I’ve heard.”

The journalist claims that there was a bidding war with different companies interested in funding the project, Epic Games offered the best deal for Remedy Entertainment. The earnings for the highly-anticipated sequel would be split 50-50 between Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games. It’s also expected that the game releases exclusively on PC on the Epic Games Store with a port launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S.

In early 2020, Remedy Entertainment confirmed that the studio is working on four projects, two expansions for Control, CEO Tero Virtala claimed that three games are also being developed at the studio.

One of the projects was CrossfireX,  the first Crossfire title ever to be released on a console platform, a third game being developed is still unannounced, and there is also a mysterious project called Vanguard who was in pre-production back then.

Epic Games announced in March 2020 new partnerships with gen DESIGN, Playdead, and Remedy Entertainment, developers of The Last Guardian,  Limbo, and Control respectively.

It’s important to mention that Epic Games Publishing allows developers to retain creative freedom and ownership of their IPs. Meaning that Epic Games has not acquired Alan Wake’s IP. As part of the Epic Games Publishing agreement, up to 100% of the development costs will be covered by Epic Games, from the salaries to go-to-market.

Source: Jeff Grubb

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