Crossfire X Will Be Delayed Until 2021

Crossfire X Will Be Delayed Until 2021

Crossfire X, exclusive to Xbox, will be delayed until 2021. 

The Crossfire X Team made a post today, announcing it is delaying Crossfire X into 2021.

“After much deliberation, and in consideration of the challenges faced by the Smilegate development team due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release of CrossfireX to 2021. 

Moving our release will allow us to deliver the Crossfire experience on console our team set out to create. We’ll have more to share in the future.” – The CrossfireX Team

A lot of Western players may have never heard of this series. Crossfire X is a tactical, team based shooter in the vein of Counter-Strike or Battlefield.

Crossfire, which originally released in 2008, is a household name in Asian markets, with a 600 million player base. The South Korean developer, Smilegate, has decided to dip its toe in the Western market, bringing its successful game to console for the first time. The game’s original success, according to developers, was due to the game being able to be run on any quality of PC. The graphical update coming with Crossfire X has developer Smilegate convinced this will live up to westerner’s high expectations of what they want from a modern, first-person shooter.

The beta for Crossfire X’s multiplayer was available in June 2020, with mixed reviews. The gameplay is similar to the supposed realism that Counter-Strike and Valorant brings, with a character only being able to take a few hits before going down. The game has an in-match upgrade system: the better one does, the more they can invest in perks that upgrade their endurance or breath while aiming down sights. Game modes include Search and Destroy, Capture Point, and Spectre, where the attackers are invisible with only a knife equipped. 

Though this series is traditionally only multiplayer, developer Remedy (Control, Alan Wake, Quantum Break) has decided to make a single player experience to coincide with the console release. Only a campaign reveal trailer was announced concerning the single player, but the developer behind it has fans excited.

Developer Smilegate plans on releasing free content throughout the next year, after the game releases. 

Crossfire X, which releases some time in 2021, is currently an Xbox exclusive. 

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