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Remedy Entertainment
Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment Working on Three Games

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Remedy Entertainment has confirmed in their latest financial reports that the studio is working on four projects. Remedy Entertainment’s CEO Tero Virtala announced that the developers are working hard on two expansions for Control for 2020. Virlala also announced that three games are also being developed at the studio.

Tero Virlala also confirmed the second Crossfire project in collaboration with Smilegate. The developer announced at the E3 2019 conference that they are teaming up with Microsoft on CrossfireX, which will be the first Crossfire title ever to be released on a console platform. The game will include Remedy’s single player campaign when it launches on Xbox One in 2020.

The third game being developed is still unannounced, but the CEO says the project is going well, the fourth project called Vanguard was confirmed, project is entering pre-production.

Our third, as yet unannounced game project is proceeding well. The team working on our fourth project, Vanguard, has reached the stage of having the first internally playable development version of the game. The goal of Vanguard is to create a game that combines long-term service-based multiplayer experiences with some of Remedy’s unique game features. Both projects are preparing for pre-production. Overall, we have continued to systematically develop Remedy’s production competences, processes and ways of working. A special focus has been on extending our capabilities of distributed development, including wider external development projects, co-developments with partners and outsourcing specific parts of the project.

We continued to develop and utilize our proprietary Northlight game engine and game development tools with a team of 40 people. With the exception of Vanguard, all of our game projects are built on Northlight’s game engine. New technology and tools developed for Control were finalized, tested and polished – including AI, new animation technology that utilizes motion matching, various content creation tools, PlayStation 4 support and NVIDIA RTX ray tracing. The Northlight team has also started to develop systems and processes that enable game teams to add online functionality to future games. Our current focus is on back-end features required by the Vanguard project. There is also on-going work so that we are prepared for the next generation consoles arriving in 2020.

Remedy will focus on the four main game projects in development. the CEO confirmed that it’s their goal to continue  to invest and develop capabilities that support these games to become successes “creative-wise, production-wise and business-wise”.

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