5 ID@Xbox Games We Really Want To Play

5 ID@Xbox Games We Really Want To Play

Last week, the ID@Xbox showcase featured over 100 indie games set to release on Xbox consoles and PC in the coming years. Of those titles, 20 will be added to Xbox Game Pass on their release date.The games showcased were a mix of previously revealed titles and newly announced works, representing multiple genres. To help narrow things down, here are five titles we believe will be worth playing on Xbox.


Although first announced in 2020, Craftopia appeared during this recent showcase, accompanied by a new trailer which featured some of the game’s elements. While Craftopia’s similarity to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is obvious, there are enough differences to ensure that the resemblance is superficial. Taking place in a vast open world, the player’s character will come across monsters that can be battled or captured. Aside from exploring the open world and fighting beasts, the game has some building capabilities comparable to Fortnite. The trailer also showcased the ability to fly in a plane and control a machine gun, letting players shoot down enemies from the sky.The trailer did not give us an idea of when Craftopia’s final version will be released. However, given that the early access version of the game was released on Steam in September 2020, it is conceivable that we will be able to play Craftopia on our Xbox Series X by the end of 2021. 

Nobody Saves The World

DrinkBox Studios, developers of the Guacamelee franchise, have been quiet since they released Guacamelee 2 in 2018. During their appearance at the ID@Xbox showcase, DrinkBox Studios unveiled their brand new title Nobody Saves the World.Inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy Tactics, the playable character Nobody is able to assume different forms to assist in completing the game and its various dungeons. Nobody is an understudy to a powerful magician, but when the magician goes missing, it is up to the player to take down any monsters or threats using Nobody’s wand.5 ID@Xbox Games We Really Want To PlayThe game will feature 18 forms for Nobody to utilize, with each form possessing different abilities catering to distinct playstyles. Nobody Saves The World will have 25 dungeons to explore and overcome, five of which are said to be tied to story progression.As of the showcase, Nobody Saves The World does not have a planned release date. That having been said, the game is still set to be released in the second half of 2021 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Game Pass.


Pitched as a beautiful and atmospheric puzzle platformer, Omno has the player traversing a range of environments while using the power of a lost civilization to solve puzzles.The game started out as a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 that proved successful, earning three times its original goal. While it was initially set to be released in 2019, the plans and scope for Omno pushed back that release date.5 ID@Xbox Games We Really Want To PlayFor fans of the indie darling Journey on PlayStation, there is much to the world of Omno that will feel familiar in the best way. Exploring this ancient world, players will come across both strange creatures and friendly beings along the way. Making use of a magical staff, the player can perform a variety of actions, like powering up relics or dashing across platforms. Another game without a set release date, Omno is nonetheless looking to launch this summer for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass. The game will also release on Nintendo Switch, though only after its arrival on other systems.

Second Extinction

Anyone yearning for a game coming sooner rather than later might find Second Extinction to be of interest. Set on a planet ravaged by war, the game sends players on missions to find and eliminate hordes of mutant dinosaurs. Being a cooperative shooter at heart, players can take on these beasts alone or with up to two friends. Whether playing alone or with partners, this game will challenge people’s skills at every turn. Completing different objectives while staying wary of dinosaurs on the prowl means relying on teamwork in order to survive. 5 ID@Xbox Games We Really Want To PlayWithin Second Extinction is a community driven metagame called The War Effort. This feature lets players complete missions and activities around the world which have a direct impact on the threat level of the dinosaurs for other players.Released on PC last October and planned to launch on Xbox as part of its Game Preview Program, Second Extinction will now debut on Xbox Game Pass on April 28th.Along with the game’s release at the end of April, the developers are working on adding crossplay between PC and Xbox, which is planned to be introduced in September. On top of that, the developers’ pipeline also includes a horde mode, a new operative character, and in-game chat for players and their teams.

The Wild at Heart

Sporting an endearing art style, The Wild at Heart received a new trailer at the showcase, which was paired with a release date of Spring 2021. The Wild at Heart features two kids, Wake and Kirby, as they come across a mysterious world filled with magical creatures. Soon after, it becomes clear that this realm and its denizens are threatened by an ancient conflict. Thus, it falls to Wake and Kirby to lead an army of small sprites to take down enemies, overcome many obstacles, and defeat an evil entity known as Never.5 ID@Xbox Games We Really Want To PlayJust looking at the trailer, there’s a lot to the game that sticks out as profound and promising. The Wild at Heart features an art style akin to that of a storybook, bolstered by gameplay that is reminiscent of the Pikmin games. In terms of underlying themes, it’s clear the game is tackling the concept of childhood escapism, especially with regards to Wake’s troubled home life. Folks will be able to experience this beautiful story and incredible world when The Wild at Heart releases for PC and Xbox Game Pass on May 20th. 


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