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Fortnite Made Nearly $1.8 Billion In 2019

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Battle royale success Fortnite has made a loss of 25% in revenues. According to SuperData reports, Fornite made $1.8 Billion and remained as the top grossing game in the industry.

Back in 2018, Epic Games’ Fortnite made $2.4 Billion, but even with its loss in revenue, they continue leading the free-to-play market by a large margin. Fortnite’s crossover promotions with “Marvel’s Avengers, Stranger Things, and Star Wars will lessen the revenue loss, as well as the recently released Chapter 2.

SuperData also reports a slight increase in revenue in digital games, generating: $120.1 billion in 2019 with $64.4 billion in mobile, $29.6 billion in PC, and $15.4 billion on consoles.

SuperData’s findings include:

  • “The games and interactive media industry grew 4% in a year with few market movers
  • Free-to-play games accounted for 4 out of every 5 dollars spent on digital games in 2019 thanks to strong performances from mobile games
  • VR revenue climbed 26% to $6.3 billion in 2019 thanks to new headsets like the Oculus Quest”

An expansion in the market is expected this year, with major releases coming soon, such as Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last of Us Part II, Resident Evil 3 Remake, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons alongside Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X represents “a large expansion opportunity for digital games as powerful hardware enables new, more immersive experiences.”

Developed by Epic Games, Fornite went into early access when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was a sensation in the FPS multiplayer genre. Epic had a solid base in Fortnite: Save the World, and seeing how PUBG sold over 5 million copies in the first three months a decision was made. Epic Games in two months transformed a coop multiplayer game into a battle royale title, in the first two weeks of release 10 million users picked up the game and played.

Supported by microtransactions, Epic Games bets from the constant content updates, an approach that has paid off, Fortnite is still the top grossing game in the industry.

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