Xbox Scarlett, The Future of Console Gaming?

Master Chief Xbox

Xbox Scarlett, The Future of Console Gaming? With the E3 conference this June there came a lot of big announcements, even some by companies and developers who chose not to attend. Among the most notable, though, was Microsoft’s announcement and press video for their next-gen console Project Scarlett. While every new console gets its moment […]

Xbox One Home Gets a New Design Soon; Voice Commands Host Some Changes

Xbox One

Xbox One Home Gets a New Design Soon; Voice Commands Host Some Changes Operation systems are what we deal with every time that we use an electronic device. From smartphones to consoles, all have got their own operation systems. A key factor for each OS is to be as user-friendly as possible in order to […]

Remedy Entertainment’s Upcoming New IP ‘Control’ Has Officially Gone Gold


Remedy Entertainment is gearing up for their upcoming release of their new IP, Control. The studio has recently announced that the game due out in just over one month away has officially gone “Gold” signifying the title is complete and ready for its release on time. It is done. New IP, new tech, new game […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC Rumor Confirmed Fake, Just “An Experiment”


Earlier this week a Reddit user claimed to have inside knowledge as to what Rockstar Games was currently working on. The now debunked rumor stated that the team was in the middle of developing a single-player DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2 focused around aliens. The rumor also claimed that Rockstar was also working on […]

New Code Vein Trailer Shows Off The Great Hammer Weapon


Bandai Namco’s upcoming Souls-like action-RPG, Code Vein, is gearing up for its official release this coming September. The latest trailer released from the popular game publisher gives viewers a look at another weapon type, the great hammer – in all of its heavy-hitting, thunderous glory. Check out the new great hammer trailer below: Code Vein […]

Extensive Overview Trailer Shows Off Astral Chain Ahead of Next Month’s Release


PlatinumGames’ upcoming action-RPG Astral Chain is gearing up for its release on the Switch with a brand new overview trailer released by Nintendo. The new trailer boasts over 8 minutes of footage giving viewers a good look at gameplay, combat, story and more for the highly-anticipated title. Check out the new overview trailer for Astral […]

Persona 5 Royal Livestream Gameplay Set For August 2


Atlus announced that the company will hold an exclusive livestream to show off upcoming new gameplay footage of the massive expansion, Persona 5 Royal. The livestream will show off new details and gameplay footage of the new features coming in the Royal expansion. The new Royal expansion will introduce tons of new elements to the […]

God of War Former Level Designers Joined Microsoft’s The Initiative

The Initiative

Xbox Game Studios’ mysterious member, The Initiative, is still hiring game developing veterans to gear up for its first project, which is definitely a next-gen title. In the new set of recruiting, The Initiative welcomed three level designers who have worked on last year’s critically acclaimed God of War. Ian Miller, Ray Yeomans and Chris […]

THQ Nordic to Reveal a New Game at Gamescom 2019

THQ Nordic

Europe’s most important gaming event for this year, Gamescom 2019, is about to kick-off next month and dozens of publishers and developers will be present to show-off their upcoming projects. Instead of being a host for new unveils, Gamescom is mostly known for the opportunity that it provides for visitors to play demo versions of […]

Overwatch Has Grossed $1 Billion from Micro-transactions, According to SuperData


Micro-transactions have never been a player-friendly thing within the games. Their growth turns the gaming industry into a gambling arena, but who cares? Developers and publishers never hate money, that’s why lootboxes or micro-transactions will never disappear from the games. However, if we get worthy titles with in-game purchases, this might be a bit tolerable. […]