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Oninaki Gets 27 Minutes of Gameplay Footage from the Demo Version

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Recently, Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix released a demo version for their upcoming Oninaki which encompasses the opening missions of the game’s story mode along with access to the battle mode.

Thanks to the YouTuber Arekkz, we get the chance to have a glimpse on over 27 minutes of gameplay footage for Oninaki. The video showcases a bit of the game’s story along with its battles and combat mechanics. Oninaki uses an isometric-style point of view which gives you a better freedom to fight against the enemies. Those who play the demo version, will be able to take their progression to the full version of the game after its launch.

Oninaki is being made by the developers of I Am Setsuna. The game features stunning world with beautifully crafted settings and eye-catching lighting. Gameplay and story both are representing the game’s strong root in Japanese culture. Oninaki will be available on PlayStation 4, Switch and PC on August 22.

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