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Overwatch Has Grossed $1 Billion from Micro-transactions, According to SuperData

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Micro-transactions have never been a player-friendly thing within the games. Their growth turns the gaming industry into a gambling arena, but who cares? Developers and publishers never hate money, that’s why lootboxes or micro-transactions will never disappear from the games. However, if we get worthy titles with in-game purchases, this might be a bit tolerable. Games such as Overwatch.

The latest monthly report from SuperData officially welcomed Overwatch to the club of games that have grossed over $1 billion dollars from micro-transactions. Now the club has 64 members, with six of them being developed or published by Activision Blizzard. So, with such a huge amount of money coming out of micro-transactions, why would game publishers put it aside?

In other details coming from SuperData, Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege also experienced an increase revenue from in-game purchases. 50% of increase compared to May 2019 and 9%of increase from last year’s June, reached the French publisher to $36.8 million of revenue.

According to SuperData, the huge success of free-to-play business model has convinced publishers to lower the unit prices while increasing the number of in-game purchases. For example, Sims 4 and NBA 2K19 both saw a unit price below $5 during recent months in order to increase their player base and focus on the revenue coming out of micro-transactions.

Here you can check out the most popular titles among different platforms:

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