Xbox Showcase

Xbox Will Have Another Showcase Soon

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase premiered yesterday with a host of new games and a fresh look at some old ones. Naturally, events like this are not going to please everybody but there was certainly a lot for people to get excited about.

That being said, going into the event we knew that many developers would not be in attendance going it. Among the biggest upcoming games that we knew were not going to be showcased were Ninja Theorys’ Hellblade 2Obsidians’ Pillars of Eternity spin-off Avowed, and Rare’s new IP Everwild.

While not quite the showcasing some players might be hoping for, Microsoft has confirmed another conference that will air on June 17th. The event is entitled Xbox Games Showcase: Extended and will feature talks with several developers about upcoming games. The list of developers includes the ones above and more, but it seems intended to give the devs that were not showcased a chance to update fans.

To be clear the event is stated to be a conversation with developers like many studios have been doing across the week. This does not promise we will see any new gameplay or trailers from these games. If you can get past that, listening to developers discuss the process is always interesting.

This is also not to say we will not see anything unexpected. While it is possible that the company might throw a surprise reveal or trailer it is best not to go into the event with that mindset. It is respectable that the company has been upfront about their plans with the event, however.

The event will be hosted by Kinda Funny Xcast’s Parris Lilly, who tweeted out the reveal for the event. It will occur at 10:00 PM PT and 1:00 PM ET.

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