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Potential Xbox Reveals Leak – Rumor

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Xbox and Bethesda recently announced their E3 conference plans earlier this week. Like usual, in the buildup to the event several Xbox reveals have leaked online, hopefully giving us a better picture of what to expect.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

According to Xbox Insider Klobrille, there will be at least 5 new AAA games to be announced from Xbox or Bethesda.

Some people have speculated that at least one of the games will be Forza Horizon 5. This does track under normal circumstances as the previous year Forza Motorsports was announced. Usually the franchises rotate years for their releases. While that is the usual expectation, the latest Forza Motorsports was not given a year for release. A normal cycle would see the Forza announced drop before the end of the year even with the release of a new console.

Klobrille was later asked which game would be the first game to truly showcase the power of the Xbox Series X. This further implies the game will be present this year.

Another suggested title is Wolfenstein 3. MachineGames  was purchased by Xbox earlier this year as part of their acquisition of Zenimax early this year. Shortly after this is was announced we could also expect an Indiana Jones games from the studio. For a while the assumption has been that the team is hard at work on the third game in their popular FPS game, though no official word has come to confirm this.

More games that have been tossed around are an open-world multiplayer Project Typoon, medieval action adventure Project Dragon RPG from IO Interactive, and vampire Project Omen from Arkane Austin. Jez Corden shared most of the information about these titles. It was suggested that of Project Typoon might be the closest to reveal, ahead of Project Dragon RPG.

Jez had recently posted a vampire emoji on twitter, which was assumed to be hinting at Project Omen.

Avowed from Obsidian Entertainment is also suggested to be present at this showing. The game will be a first person fantasy set in their award winning Pillar of Eternity universe According to a Reset Era insider who goes by Sponge “game is in great shape, almost fully on schedule.”

Another big question going into this Conference is if Hideo Kojima will be present. Early this year Phil Spenser recorded a video in his office which featured Ludens, the Kojima Production mascot, next to an Xbox Symbol. Phil has been often known to slip hints at upcoming projects in the backgrounds to his videos.

Phil Spencer image

There are no words on what we can expect. According to most sources the other projects on this list are further along in Development. We do know Kojima likes to build anticipation on projects, having Showcased a Death Stranding teaser prior to having an engine to build the game on.

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will air June 13th at 1 PM  EST.

Sources- Reddit, Reddit

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