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Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X/S Retail Packaging Revealed

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Microsoft has revealed the retail packaging for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S ahead of the start of pre-orders next week. Both consoles will launch on November 10 for 299 USD and 499 USD, respectively.

View the packaging below:

The recently unveiled Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s entry-level, next-gen gaming console, potential buyers should not understimate the potential of the hardware, as the new Xbox delivers approximately 3z the GPU performance of Xbox One and it’s designed to render games at 1440p at 60 frames per second, with support for up to 120fps. According to Liz Hamren, Head of Platform Engineering and Hardware at Xbox, Xbox Series S  will deliver “the same next-generation speed and performance that define Xbox Series X”. The console features a similar CPU performance, and the I/O is the same as Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X is significantly more expensive but packs way more power and is, on paper, the most powerful next-gen console to be on the market. AMD’s Zen 2 CPU is faster on Series X, reaching an impressive 3.8 GHz. 16 GB GDDR6 RAM and RDNA 2 GPU capable of 12 TFLOPS.

Both consoles are powered by ‘Xbox Velocity Architecture’. This a dedicated hardware decompression block that allows developers to radically improve asset streaming and effectively multiply available memory. Effectively eliminating loading times. Games will be able to feature more “richer and more dynamic living worlds unlike anything ever seen before.”

Xbox is also offering Smart Delivery, a feature that “empowers” players to buy a game once and play on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X.

Both consoles are also available on Xbox All Access, the financing option allows players to take home an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X for 24.99 USD or 34.99 USD respectively with no upfront cost. All Access features an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription of 24 months granting players an instant library of over 100 games.

Xbox has also established a partnership with EA that will grant Xbox Game Pass subscribers, access to EA Play at no additional cost. EA Play will bring the best of EA to Game Pass available right for the launch of Xbox Series X.

Here is what fans can now expect from Xbox Game Pass:

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