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Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S Specifications Revealed

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Xbox has just unveiled the specifications of the next-gen Xbox Series S, the modest console will be sold at 299 USD and will be able to run games at 1440p at 60 FPS.

As expected, Series S will feature an AMD Zen 2 CPU slightly slower than Series X, the 8-core processor will be able to reach clock speeds up to 3.6GHz. The AMD RDNA 2 GPU delivers 4 TFLOPS of GPU power.

Check the official reveal trailer:

Xbox confirms that Series S will deliver “the same next-generation speed and performance that define Xbox Series X” The console features a similar CPU performance, and the I/O is the same as Xbox Series X, according to Xbox, this will make it easier for developers to create videogames that are easily optimized for both consoles.

Xbox marketing did their best to compare Series S with the current-gen Xbox One, the next-gen console is 4 times faster than the current-gen Xbox. Series S also features a custom SSD storage of 512 GB powered by the Xbox Velocity Architecture, the new technology will allow the small console to reach 40x the I/O bandwidth of an Xbox One.

“Xbox Series S  also delivers approximately 3x the GPU performance of Xbox One and was designed to play games at 1440p at 60 frames per second, with support for up to 120fps.” Said Liz Hamren, Head of Platform Engineering and Hardware at Xbox.

Series S is capable of running Series X games, but the difference lies in the resolution. Xbox affirms that the design of Series S was influenced by the feedback from the Xbox community, most of the players prefer framerate over resolution, this request led Xbox’s engineers to build a console that does not require a 4k TV.

Xbox Series S

At Team Xbox, we always strive to put you, the player, at the center of the gaming experience, letting you play how and where you want and delivering experiences for all types of players. It’s with this spirit in mind that we’re excited to introduce you to Xbox Series S, an all-digital next-gen console designed to deliver everything that is core to next-generation gaming – faster load times, higher frame rates, and richer, more dynamic worlds – in our smallest Xbox ever. Available at $299 (Estimated Retail Price), Xbox Series S will join Xbox Series X this holiday giving you another way to jump into the next generation.

With the increased efficiency we get from the next generation AMD RDNA 2 graphics architecture combined with the virtual memory multipliers enabled through the Xbox Velocity Architecture, Xbox Series S will deliver performance and experiences well beyond the raw specs. In addition, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S share the same development environment, tools and capabilities, all of which enable developers to build and release their content across consoles more easily while still taking advantage of the unique hardware capabilities of the next generation.

Source: Xbox

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