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Xbox Series
Xbox Series

Xbox Series X/S Pre-Order Sold Out in Japan

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Yesterday Xbox officially launched its marketing campaign for Japan during the Tokyo Game Show. Xbox showcased games optimized for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Reception from the Japanese customer moved the head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

It humbles me to consider how well the Xbox Series X/S has been welcomed by Japanese fans,” Spencer said.“With the goals we’re working towards for the Xbox Series X/S, this is only the first step in a much longer marathon, but I’m very happy to know how much everyone is expecting from us, and it motivates us, even more, when pre-orders sell out.

Spencer knows how important an early launch in Japan is for the future of Xbox Series X, the Japanese customer must be shown priority, for that matter, the overall launch shipment is reportedly increased in Japan.

“We absolutely plan to ship even more consoles in the future,” he said. “However, before and after launch, demand generally exceeds supply.“Moving forward, we would like to be able to meet demand within a few months after launch, particularly in the Japanese market, where we are thinking of future development based on a long-term outlook.”

As reported by VGC, Spencer said during the TGS that Japan is one of the largest growing markets in the video games industry, Xbox Game Pass will allow the Japanese customer to know what Xbox represents and what are they trying to accomplish.

“And in Japan, we’re seeing the community embrace this freedom to play. Since we launched Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC in Japan this past April, we’ve seen more players on Xbox devices, games, and services than at any time in our history in the market. Japan’s Xbox Live gaming MAU (monthly active users) grew 82 percent year-over-year this summer. We’re so humbled to see players enjoying our games and services.”

Source: VGC

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