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Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X and PS5 Price Potentially Leaked – Rumor

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Best Buy is reportedly launching a financing offer for Xbox Series X and PS5, the retailer might have leaked the price for next-gen consoles of USD 499. As reported by Dualshockers, is uknown if Best Buy actually revealed the price of next-gen consoles, or if we are just seeing a placeholder price for the retailer.

While Best Buy’s offer could suggest the price of PS5 and Xbox Series X, the real indication of today’s “leaks”is how impatients fans are already. Both consoles are reportedly launching on early November, those are nine weeks and both companies are still hiding the price of their systems.

As the launch of next-gen consoles is closer, fans are getting impatient when it comes to the final details of both systems, pre-orders and the price. Is uncertain if both companies are trying to secure enough supplies of next-gen consoles by holiday season, or if the delay in the price reveal is a marketing strategy.

Both Xbox and PlayStation decided to design a potentially cheaper alternative for next-gen gaming, the two companies are ready to sell their consoles with insignificant profits, is possible that Xbox is waiting for PlayStation to announce the price of PS5 Discless, to reveal the awaited Xbox Series S.

What fans should learn from this “leak” is that over 500 USD will need to be saved in order to get a next-gen system in holidays.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Interestingly, in early 2020, an anonymous informant posted on 4chan details of the PS5, most of the information revealed back then was confirmed in The Future of Gaming. The leaker affirms that the launch date of the console is October 30, and it will cost 500 USD.

Xbox could defeat the Japanese tech giant with the launch of Xbox Series S, the console is not just a discless Series X, the console is designed to be next-gen capable but with an intiial price much lower than PlayStation’s.

Source: Dualshockers

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