Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S Unofficially Supports GameCube and PS2 Games

Modern Vintage Gamer has released a YouTube video where he showcases the capabilities of the Xbox Series S as a beast when it comes to emulation, the system supports RetroArch via the console’s developer mode and it can run several games from different platforms, from Nintendo GameCube to Sony PlayStation 2.

The YouTube video demonstrates how the small and affordable Xbox plays Metal Gear Solid 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and the original God of War, titles which apparently run very smoothly for a very demanding emulator. It’s important to mention that some games run with occasional bugs and stability issues when running PS2 games, and it’s mainly due to the emulator being limited to only 2GB of file sizes for the games.

Check the Modern Vintage Gamer video down below:

As seen above, the small beast can also support PlayStation Portable and can potentially run even more platforms, it’s up to the retro emulation community to take the best from the system. Microsoft and Xbox are usually consumer-friendly, however, is still uncertain how will Phil Spencer and its management team handle the delicate situation. The users who use the console for other functions than it was originally designed for may have the warranty voided.

Xbox Series S will certainly look better to the eyes of the PC community, the potential for a small box that can run a wide variety of games across platforms at a reasonable price is something that PlayStation cannot offer.

The small beast Series S is designed to support next-gen games, the console can achieve 1440p  graphics at up to 120 FPS on selected games. The console is not just an upgraded Xbox One X, the console features built-in features that are a must for next-gen gaming, such as DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Variable Refresh Rate, Ultra-Low Latency, and a custom 512 GB SSD.

At the moment of writing Xbox has not made an official statement about the situation.

Source:  Modern Vintage Gamer

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