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Xbox Series S Officially Announced

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Xbox has confirmed the recent Xbox Series S leak, Xbox Series S  has been confirmed by Xbox, the console will be available for 299 USD.

Let’s make it official! Xbox Series S | Next-gen performance in the ˢᵐᵃˡˡᵉˢᵗ Xbox ever. $299 (ERP). Looking forward to sharing more! Soon. Promise. @ Xbox 4:13 AM · Sep 8, 2020

Even with the confirmation of Xbox, the leaker has shared the information that Xbox’s marketing team promised to arrive soon. The leaker has shared the full promotional video of the Xbox Series S, confirming the November launch, and some of the hardware specifications of the budget console.

The trailer reveals that  Series S is a console designed to play “games optimized for next-gen”, the console will be able to achieve its goal at 1440p at up to 120 FPS. The console is not just an upgraded Xbox One X, the console features built-in features that are a must for next-gen gaming, such as DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Variable Refresh Rate, Ultra-Low Latency, and a custom 512 GB SSD.

To understand the Xbox’s approach for the 299 USD console, let’s take an in-depth look at what Xbox Series S will offer for such a bargain price.

Hardware Accelerated DirectX Raytracing (DXR) – Codeveloped with AMD, this technology allows developers to improve the lighting, shadows, and reflections, benefits in the acoustics, and spatial audio are also a possibility. According to Xbox, “developers will be able to deliver incredibly immersive visual and audio experiences using the same techniques on PC and beyond”.

Variable Rate Shading (VRS) – Series S’s GPU will improve its efficiency by concentrating shader work where it’s most needed. Developers could use this feature to reduce the shader work in areas where it won’t be noticeable by the players. VRS is a crucial tool for Xbox Series S as it will help the console to boast stable framerates and higher resolutions.

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) – When plugged to an HDMI 2.1 TV or monitor, the Xbox Series S allows the screen to be refreshed as fast as the console can render the game, this would eliminate tearing, reduce latency and increase smoothness. According to Xbox, they have been “working with the industry’s leading TV manufacturers to ensure the display ecosystem is ready for the features we are bringing with Xbox Series X”.

While the short promotional trailer does not explain how the console will achieve its “ultra-low latency” is expected that entry-level console features Series X’s Dynamic Latency Input and Auto Low Latency Mode.

Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) – This technology allows developers to “accurately synchronize the player’s input with the game’s simulation and render loop”.

Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) – Only on capable displays, this technology enables the screen to be displayed at the lowest latency mode when the Xbox is turned on.

Yesterday, it was leaked that Xbox Series X and  Series S will both be available November 10 for 499 USD and 299 USD respectively. Both consoles will be available via Xbox All Acess financing option.

Source: TwitterXbox

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