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Xbox One S All Digital
Xbox One S All Digital

Xbox One S All Digital Edition Price Has Been Leaked; Launching on May 7

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Microsoft surely didn’t start the 8th generation of consoles properly enough to make a close competition with Sony during the recent years, especially in case of exclusives. However, the American company has rewarded its players with great hardware and services to provide them a more useful experience with the lowest costs available. Xbox Game Pass has done great so far and beyond it, Xbox One X was able to bring the most exciting experience of the current-gen in terms of graphics, but the new addition to Xbox family is an economic option for those who want to spent lower than others on gaming staff, and that’s Xbox One S All Digital Edition.

Although Microsoft haven’t talked anything about Xbox One S All Digital yet, but there are so much speculation around this upcoming console and leaked images and details are strong enough to believe them. New rumors are now pointing out the release date of console and its price tag.

According to a tweet by Wario64, Xbox One S All Digital is going to get launched in Europe on May 7th and it will cost you 229.99 or approximately $260. The console includes three digital codes for Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves and Minecraft.

The image above is same as what we have seen in the leaked picture of Windows Central some weeks ago and it’s probably not a rumor to take with grain of salt, but anyway Microsoft will have to speak on its new member of Xbox family in the following days and maybe the next Inside Xbox show.

We will update you on the article above, but to get news as soon as possible, follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter.

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