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Xbox One S All Digital Edition
Xbox One S All Digital Edition

Rumor: Xbox One S All Digital Edition Will Be Available on May 7

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Microsoft seems to be so busy these days with its ongoing plans and projects on gaming hardware. Project xCloud, Two different next-gen consoles and a brand new version of Xbox One are growing up within Xbox family to give players different tastes of a gaming platform. Unfortunately, none of them will be released anytime soon except Xbox One S All Digital Edition, which will be on storefronts on May 7, as rumors suggest.

According to Windows Central, the website that has received some documents on the new console, Xbox One S All Digital Edition is going to be announced officially during April and will get a worldwide release on May 7. The member of Xbox One family will feature no disc drive and because of that, it will cost you less than any other models within Xbox One family. Windows Central has also made a fake box-art for the console, based on it’s real box-art which they don’t want to be leaked by them.

Xbox One S All Digital Edition

As it’s appeared on the box, Xbox One S All Digital Edition will gift you free access to Sea of Thieves, Minecraft and Forza Horizon 3, as if you’ve already bought these games. On the other hand, Xbox Game Pass subscription has not mentioned on the box, so maybe it won’t offer any subscription to the popular service of Microsoft. Except being disc-free, there is no difference between new version and the previous one. All Digital Edition will support 4K and HDR and provides you 1 TB of free space.

No price tag has been leaked until now and it seems for more details on discless Xbox One S we have to wait for official news from Microsoft itself. Share your opinions about the new Xbox with us through comments. Gaming Instincts will keep you update as more information come out.

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