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Project Scarlett and xCloud Info Released

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Project Scarlett and xCloud Info Released

Phil Spencer at Microsoft’s E3 2019 conference just announced some new information about project xCloud and their new console.

First off is Microsoft’s Project xCloud and Console streaming in general. Spencer states that xCloud will be able to be played on any screen anywhere and at any time. Console streaming is the ability to use the user’s Xbox One into a usable and free xCloud server, meaning that they don’t have to interact with a faraway cloud server in order to use less data, hopefully. Then afterwards a new trailer for the new next-generation console gets revealed.

New trailer announces some new information regarding the new console. First there will be faster loading times with a custom processor which uses the lates Zen 2 and Navi technology from AMD. This is reported to be 4 times more powerful than the Xbox One X. The console is leveraging high-bandwidth GDDR6 to ensure that players get the best performance possible.

Framerates are set to be at least 120 frames per second with 8K capability with variable refresh rate with next-gen Ray Tracing. It’s real-time as the console is hardware-accelerated for the first time ever.

The new SSD is a new generation of SSD’s for virtual ram. The console is said to perform 40 times more than any console in the current generation. Now the power can be used to generate faster and better performing games for the newest generation.

This is useful for the developers working with Microsoft as they will make more next-gen games this way. They also boast the company’s game studios that are working on trying to make new gaming experiences.

The new console is known as project Scarlett and will be available for Holidays 2020.

Project Scarlett is going to be one of the nex-generation consoles in 2020, so this means that its competitor the next PlayStation console will probably come out around the same time. Well as the information about the exact date isnt’ available, it can be assured that all of the nex-gen games for the system will probably be amazing as well.

Additonally, it looks like Halo Infinite will be a launch game when the Scarlett releases possibly along with some other unannounced titles.

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