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Xbox One
Xbox One

Xbox One Adds Four New Backwards Compatible Games

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Xbox One Adds Four New Backwards Compatible Games

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has confirmed four shooters are on its way to join the already vast backwards compatibility list for Xbox One. The Lost Planet series along with Resident Evil Code: Veronica X are all the titles available.

Originally released for SEGA Dreamcast, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X is an extended version of the game.

The game takes place three months after escaping from Raccoon City, prior to its eventual destruction, Claire Redfield raids an Umbrella Corporation facility in Paris in search of her brother Chris. Discovered by Umbrella’s security forces and eventually captured, Claire is imprisoned on Rockfort Island – a prison complex owned by the corporation, situated in the Southern Ocean. Sometime after her imprisonment, Claire finds herself released by one of the prison staff and discovers that an outbreak of the T-Virus has occurred. In the resulting chaos, she finds herself teaming up with Steve Burnside, another inmate seeking to escape.

The Lost Planet series follows a number of protagonists on E.D.N III, a planet in the process of an ice age, as they survive and fight the environment, various alien creatures and those planning to colonize the planet.

It consists of three main installments all available now for Xbox One: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition , Lost Planet 2 and Lost Planet 3.

The first Lost Planet begins in the year of the game T.C. -80 where the Earth has become too hostile for human life. A company named NEVEC (Neo-Venus Construction) tries to start colonization on the planet E.D.N. III.

Upon arriving on the planet, NEVEC discovers an alien race called Akrid and are forced off the planet, momentarily stopping colonization efforts. Returning to E.D.N. III with an army prepared to fight, they find that the Akrid can only function because their bodies contain reserves of thermal energy (T-ENG), humans must also carry supplies of thermal energy to survive on E.D.N. III. NEVEC builds the first Vital Suit (VS), a mecha powered by T-ENG, to fight the Akrid. Meanwhile, civilian colonists and bands of E.D.N. III military personnel continue to seek out a nomadic existence as “snow pirates,” harvesting T-ENG from fallen Akrid.

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